The Story

Back around 2000, when Astrid Mueller was honing her graphic design skills at Swarovski, she used to model for the latest London hairstyle trends in Zurich. That’s when she first met Bjoern von Rotz. Many moons, hairstyles, and hair colors later, they are still in touch.

Bjoern’s career has really taken off since then – he beautifies models all over the world as a hair and make-up artist, with an impressive client list. He also owns the Zurich-based Room of Design, a wonderful little Jugendstil jewel.

Astrid loves everything from its business concept, architecture, and cozy living room feel to the hair and fashion savvy breathed as easily as air by each and every stylist. So, during a visit to get her hair done for her brother’s wedding, Astrid was amazed to learn from Sue, one of the stylists, that with so much inspiration flying around the salon, Room of Design wasn’t sharing it through a blog!

As quick as updating Rapunzel’s flowing locks into a chic bob, Bjoern announced to a thrilled Astrid that she would be the exclusive blogger, designer, and illustrator for the Room of Design’s new blog.

Astrid, who regularly indulges in fashion and style inspiration for her own design work, is excited to regularly share art, beauty, and style gorgeousness with Bjoern and the Room of Design as a muse!