winter 2014 styling inspiration with petrol blue

Looking for styling ideas for an elegant evening on the town? How about a chic messy up-do as seen on the Carolina Herrera Fall 2014 runway, and play with this season’s hot color petrol blue and fur in your outfit?
winter 2014 style inspiration with carolina herrera hair look and possibility jewelry

lucite necklace & hairband and lucite gem earrings: possibility | Delvaux Brilliant Mini Bag: Barneys | blue glitter nail polish: Revlon | boot: Sam Edelman

Glitter nail polishes celebrate their yearly holiday comeback – they’re always fun to play with. Complement your look with an elegant pair of black heels and you’re good to go! If you’re looking for a dash of the unexpected, consider design inspired handmade Lucite jewelry pieces by possibility! For the perfect hair and make-up look call on the room of design hair atelier in Zurich, Switzerland – the team is perfect to get you ready for your red carpet event!

Louboutin gets inspired by Fine Art Classics

We’re all used to seeing fashion playing with style elements from previous design eras. Take the glamorous Hollywood hairstyle inspiration from the forties for example, which we’ve recently seen a lot. Or playfully innocent fashion accents from the fifties, big hair-do and Hippie chic influences of the sixties… all within the Twentieth Century.

Well, Louboutin takes it a step further.

His new ad campaign who drew inspiration from the old Masters of fine art!

Louboutin Campaign 2011 inspired by master painters

This Louboutin campaign piece was inspired by

the painting “Elizabeth of Austria” by Francois Clouet:

Francois Clouet – « Elizabeth of Austria »

And this one…

Louboutin campaign 2011 with Peter Lippmann

drew inspiration from Jean-Marc Nattier and his “Marquise D’Antin”:

Jean-Marc Nattier – « Marquise D’Antin »

And take a look at this masterpiece:

Louboutin Campaign 2011 with Peter Lippmann

which was artfully reinterpreted after this original

by Francisco De Zurbaran, “Saint Dorothy”:

Francisco De Zurbaran – « Saint Dorothy »

Read more in about this campaign here, on MADEMOISELLE Magazine


All the above images: via Mademoiselle Magazine

Photography Peter Lippmann, Concept Jerome Gonford, Styling Catherine Gorne, Prop Styling Annie Bodin, Hair/Make-Up Jean Pierre Canavate, Casting Olivier Duperrin, Art Direction Jeffrey Blunden, Models Trissan Polas, Sterenn Nogues, Karom Kelly lippmann, Lia Catreux, Francoise de Stael and Karen Assayag, Retouching Patrick Toulomond and Lillian Joy, Printers Fot Paris & Print Model)

Spotted on the catwalks: hair clips!

If you think hair clips are old fashioned, think again. Get this:

hair clips on the runways

{from top left: Rodarte, Cynthia Rowley, Carolina Herrera, Prabal Gurung via}

I love how long hair is all in vogue again these days – it leaves us ladies so much room for creativity! What do think about hair clips, yes or no?

Fashion Week Berlin – Catwalk Glimpses

In our post last week, we followed the Room of Design Hair Stylists to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Guess what, I was able to secure some exclusive footage of the Michael Michalsky Style Nite! Can you spot the hair design that I blogged about last week?

Michalsky 4

The Finale of the Fashionshow at the Michalsky Style Nite, Fashion Week Berlin January 2011

And check out the Michalsky Style Nite event video! Groovy!

Michalsky Style Nite | Fashion Week Berlin January 2011

If you didn’t catch it yet, this is one of the models you saw backstage glimpses of in last week’s post:

michalsky 3Berlin Fashion Week 01-2011, Michalsky

The hair design is inspired by the Urban Nomad style (remember last year, when Giuliano earned first prize for a look inspired by the Nomad Couture trend, another current futuristic style direction?). This particular hair styling was created by Bjoern, for a show at the Berlin Fashion Week January 2011.

Making of!

Bjoern, beginning the futuristic Urban Nomad hair look…

Michalsky 1

… and up it goes!

Michalsky 2

At this very moment, hair designers of the Forchstrasse 70 Zurich are on their way to another fashion show… I wonder where they’ll go this time? … Stay tuned for news next week when I’ll share fresh catwalk glimpses!

CREDITS: {all photos and the video are courtesy of Michalsky}

Behind the Scenes at Fashionweek Berlin

The Room of Design is back – the Fashion show season has officially started! They just shared some backstage glimpses with me from last weekend’s Fashionweek in Berlin. By coincidence, one of Bjoern’s models happened to be the internationally successful Swiss model Nadine Strittmatter, who recently starred on Harper’s Bazaar:

Nadine Strittmatter on cover of Harpers BazaarThe Swiss top model Nadine Strittmatter on Harper’s Bazaar

IMG_1337Bjoern von Rotz with Nadine Strittmatter backstage, Fashionweek Berlin 2011

I love the following hair design glimpse – how artistic and creative! I have to see if we can get catwalk glimpses that show how the hair, make-up and fashion looked on stage!

FashionweekBerlin 11Backstage glimpse, hair styling by Bjoern von Rotz, Fashion week Berlin 2011

Bjoern explains his technique for this hair styling as follows:

With an x-technique the hair is pinned-up tightly, and at the back of the head it forms a graphic shape. Starting at the hairline, the top portion of the hair is pulled back over the top of the head, slightly backcombed, down to the neck. The men currently often fashion a similar styling: the top hair is extra long. Of course the neck and side areas aren’t pinned up, but cut very short.

Here is a link to a video from the Fashion Week – so… were you able to spot familiar faces from the Room of Design Team?

There’s a new show coming up this weekend – come back in a week to see more!

How MAD MEN inspires current Swiss hairstyle trends

After the hustle and bustle of the end of year, the Room of Design hair atelier Zurich has calmed down, and is getting ready for the upcoming fashion shows in Europe. Before I’ll have new sneak peeks for you from the catwalks, I was able to ask Bjoern about what’s currently hot at the Room of Design.

It’s MAD! MAD MEN! The writer of the show Mad Men had a great feeling for upcoming trends when he wrote the script. After the show has been wildly popular in the U.S.A., the stylists at the Zurich based Room of Design see a lot of inspiration from it in the current hair trends. For example in the character Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks):

Christina Hendricks hairstyle in MAD MEN

Joan’s hairstyle (Christina Hendricks) in the tv series “Mad Men” (image via Kristen Obald)

Women don’t just copy Joan’s style, but like to make it their own. They like a modern interpretation of Joan’s up-do that works with a combination of a tightly fitted silhouette with higher volume. For example like this:

G star ad with Anton Corbijn - Photographer and Gemma Arterton - Actor

Actress Gemma Arterton in an ad for G-Star 2011, photographed by Anton Corbijn

The male clients at the Room of Design, on the other hand, draw inspiration from the style of Don Draper (Jon Hamm) (minus the smoking – that’s still out):

Don Draper character from Mad Men New York Times cover

Jon Hamm aka Don Draper, in the tv hit "Mad Men"

In current street style, more and more men are seen wearing hats. This hairstyle is therefore currently not just popular for its vintage style influence, but especially so because hats can easily be worn with it without disturbing the hair.

Stay tuned, soon we’ll have lots of news from the runways to share with you!