Art Nouveau inspired Model Agency Show Package from Paris

For all you who also love artful photography, fashion, and design, we have a neat eye candy treat you today: a peek into an agency model show package which we found especially beautifully presented. The model agency WOMEN MANAGEMENT PARIS chose a Art Nouveau postcard inspired design for this model portfolio:

Agency: WOMEN MANAGEMENT PARIS. See full show package here on

We love how this portfolio presentation is unique yet subtle, while keeping the focus on the models. And of course we’re smitten because, as you know, we have a weakness for Art Nouveau inspired design!

How about you?

Travel & spa tip: Art Nouveau Hotel Blume, Switzerland

Since Roman times, the city of Baden has been one of the go-to places for thermal springs. Centuries later, in the late 19th and early 20th century, Baden was much appreciated by the high society for its spas and beautiful hotels. A few weeks ago, while strolling through the old bath hotel area of the town, a friend introduced me to a very special Jugendstil architecture gem. As she led me inside, my jaw dropped.

first, I was greeted by a beautiful Art Nouveau glass door at the entryway.

Walking through, I stepped into this gorgeous multi-storied atrium:

The atrium of hotel and restaurant Blume, Baden

The magnificent architecture of the atrium, built in 1840, is underlined by the sound of a sprinkling fountain, and the happy chirping of birds somewhere up high. I was mesmerized – it felt like I had stepped back in time! Many more design details awaited to be discovered, as I ventured upstairs to the reception desk…

such as a glimpse into the large ballroom from this pretty antique mirror…

and another special room of the restaurant: the charming “Damen Salon” (the ladies salon)!

This salon can also be reserved for private parties. I learned from the reception desk that there’s currently no extra rental fee for dining in this room if there are enough guests. Picture that, celebrating with your friends or family, in a magnificent room like this… quite exclusive and amazing, right? Take a closer look at the ceiling:

Ceiling design detail of the Atrium Hotel and Restaurant Blume

You’ll find many more beautiful antique design details as you’ll explore this pretty hotel.
For example, this pretty stucco element:

Stucco decoration at the Atrium Hotel Blume, Baden. All photos by René Rötheli, Baden

If all this weren’t amazing enough, the hotel has a private access to the city’s thermal springs. I ventured back to the Blume a few days after my first visit, and indulged in a hot bath (with prior reservation), where I was surprised to receive the luxury of a private room with my very own bath. I must say, there’s something to these springs, I felt extremely relaxed afterward! It gets better: This December, the hotel will add more wellness options to the spa experience, such as a sauna, steam bath, special spa showers and more!

The Room of Design and I not only love this hotel for its beauty, but we find that it’s also a hidden gem for special celebrations or as place of relaxation. If you’re ever in Baden, do stop by and experience the place for yourself. Just a look at the atrium alone will make you fall in love. To learn more about the hotel or to make a reservation, visit

What is one of your favorite places for relaxation or pretty architecture? Leave us a note, we’d love to hear!


Architecture Delights

For creatives, inspiration is everywhere. Like for Bjoern, one of my fields of inspiration is beautiful architecture. Indulge in some of my current favorites!

art nouveau inspired architecture

Art Nouveau inspired staircase, by atmos studio

Ball-Nogues Studio

architecture design by Ball Nogues Studio

stair design

image via cabbageroseblog, architect unknown

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

David Jameson Architect.David Jameson Architect.

stair design by atmos studio

What field of art inspires you? Who are your favorite architects or designers? We’d love to hear!

Art Muse: Gustav Klimt and Hoffmann – showing in Vienna

When I recently chatted with Bjoern, he mentioned his passion for Gustav Klimt’s work with me. He’s one of my big inspirations too! No wonder, you’re probably all familiar with this fantastic piece:

“The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt (1862-1918)

If you’re intrigued, like us, bookmark your calendar for an interesting double-exhibition in Vienna this fall  presenting Klimt along with Josef Hoffmann, a famous architect and interior designer, friend of Klimt, and artistic influence to Klimt of the time.

Museum Belvedere, Vienna

Gustav Klimt / Josef Hoffmann

Pioniere der Moderne

25. Oktober 2011 bis 4. März 2012

An example of Hoffmann’s work:Josef Hoffmann table 1908Josef Hoffmann table, 1908, now valued at around EUR 12,000 (image by Auction house von Zezschwitz)

Exhibition bookmarked? Check!

To see more of Klimt in Vienna, visit this link for more museum information.