Shoelovers mark your calendar for a trip to Vienna

Shoe, art and fashion lovers, listen up! If you’re about to plan a trip within Europe soon, consider stopping over in Vienna. From June 18 to October 5 2014, the Hundertwasser Kunsthaus Vienna will exhibit an incredibly creative and most likely extremely inspiring shoe collection. The exhibition goes well beyond the world of fashion and dives into the creative waters of experimental playgrounds. Enjoy a few sneak peeks!

For more info and artist credit of the above creations, visit this page of the museum’s website. Doesn’t this exhibition look intriguing? Share photos with us (email oder instagram Astrid) if you end up going, we’d love to see more!

Chanel’s Pearl Summer 2014

We’ve all noticed Chanel’s extravagant and extraordinary pearl accessories in last fall’s Spring Summer 2014 fashion shows. Spring has barely begun yet these gems are already gracing fashion magazine covers all over the globe. Looks like we need to find us a Jack Sparrow to get us one of these much coveted treasures!


Sources: Costume Jewelry 2014 Chanel | fashionista for spotting this magazine cover series | Chanel news for a glimpse at Karl’s favorite. What’s your favorite trend direction this season that you love to play with?



Artist Spotlight – Illustrator Jenny Liz Rome

Hello back, friends! Happy to treat you to some fresh fashionable art bites today! We just spotted the work of Canadian illustrator Jenny Liz Rome and fell in love! Today she often illustrates in a pen and watercolor look, which is lovely and fresh. However, we’re particularly smitten with one of her first works in black and white, called “Ladies of the Flies”:

Aren’t you just blown away too? Which fashion illustrator’s portfolio did you recently fall in love with?


Make-up Artist Spotlight: Yuko Takahashi

With hair and make-up artists under Bjoern’s own roof in his Room of Design salon and hair and make-up fashion academy, we’re naturally always interested in great work from other talent in the fashion industry. Today we’re sending warm kudos across the pond to the incredibly talented New York based make-up artist Yuko Takahashi. Browsing through her portfolio is a true feast to the eye! A few glimpses:

See more of her work in her online portfolio or follow her on instagram for latest glimpses from her activities! Aren’t you just inspired to get creative now too?


Art Deco inspired Great Gatsby movie typography

Ever wondered who designed the Great Gatsby movie typography? Yup, you many not have noticed, but this design detail was not overlooked – Warner Bros actually commissioned a design agency to not only design the movie’s feature graphic, but a full font and identity design package!

Pretty amazing, right? Logo Branding & Typography: Like Minded Studio & Bazmark. For further credits and to see more glimpses into the design development process visit the studio’s Gatsby portfolio page here on behance!

fresh fashion inspiration – Volt magazine

Craving some unique, fresh fashion inspiration, off the beaten track of mainstream magazines? Then we encourage you to take a closer look at the UK based Volt Magazine. writer Matthew describes the publication’s aesthetics beautifully as “a captivating balance between urban style and high fashion fantasy”. Captivating indeed! What a great source of inspiration and feast for the eye! See for yourself:

photography: Ross Shields | illustration: Hanna Müller | fashion: Cynthia Lawrence-John

Photography: Ren Rox | Fashion: Kate Ruth | Hair: Peter Beckett | Make-up: Jaimee Thomas | Model: Kamila Filipcikova

photography: Nick Knight | fashion: Cynthia Lawrence-John | hair: James Brown  | Make-up: Linda Öhrström |
Model: Sam Drouin-Aspden

photography: Niko Mitrunen | styling: Grace Joel | hair: Susanne Lichtenegger | make-up: Linda Öhrström | model: Alina at IMG Models

Learn more about the magazine and Volt’s other endeavors here on
Have an inspired week everyone!

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