Behind the Scenes Inside Chanel

Chanel never ceases to amaze – we’re sure you all agree. This time we’re not referring to Coco Chanel’s iconic style, story, impressive talent and legacy, nor to one of Karl Lagerfeld’s many strikes of genius… but to something they launched as part of their brand communication:

If you haven’t been over to their website recently, do it! They created a truly alluring micro-site that shares a peek INSIDE CHANEL, in a most engaging sort of way. We created a collage from screenshots for you – those alone are eye candy. For the full experience see it for yourself though! (Scroll down for the link!)


Here’s the link so you can experience it for yourself: See INSIDE CHANEL here!

Isn’t it amazing? Strike of genius!

incredible watercolor architecture paintings by Sunga Park

Time for an artist spotlight to send you off into an inspired weekend! We just stumbled across the illustrator and watercolor artist Sunga Park from Taipei, Taiwan. She’s absolutely incredible!

She travels the world, capturing magnificent architecture landmarks in mesmerizing watercolor masterpieces. Yes, masterpieces. That’s how much we like them! We’re also intrigued by what happens when she photographs her art… it seems as if her paintings come to life and reach yet another dimension! See for yourself:

Sunga Park Architecture Illustrations

Sunga Park Architecture Illustrations

Sunga Park Architecture Illustrations

Sunga Park Architecture Illustrations

Sunga Park Architecture Illustrations

Sunga Park Architecture Illustrations  Sunga Park Architecture Illustrations

Sunga is self-taught artist and achieved international acclaim and fame all on her own. Bravo!

See her official website at

Have a great weekend!

Movie tip for design lovers: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Today we’d like to inspire you with one of our favorite movies of recent times: Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Even though this film is not entirely new (2014), it’s worth revisiting (many times!) – it deserves a special spot in any design, fashion and art lovers’ movie collection!

Grand- poster

The intriguing and gorgeously designed entertaining tale is a gem of movie artistry and entices on all levels: carefully crafted and composed design, storytelling, costumes, humor, soundtrack, a superb cast (Ralph Fiennes, Jude Law, Edward Norton, just to name a few) and brilliant details.











Not surprisingly, it won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, three Golden Globe Award nominations, including Best Director for Anderson, nine Academy Award nominations including Best Picture and Best Director, and the Academy Awards for Best Production Design, Best Original Score, Best Costume Design and Best Makeup and Hairstyling. For more background information and intriguing production details, visit vip wiki here.

It’s a perfect movie for an inspired evening: Indulge in a fine dinner, open a fine wine, and then let the feast for the eye begin! Enjoy!

How to become hair & makeup artist at fashionweek

Many dream of becoming a hair & makeup artist at a fashionweek. But how do you get there? What does it take? It’s not easy to get to the top. But it’s definitely possible! Dream big, work hard, and you can make it happen!


Here are some things that will help you get there:

1: Master the basics.

And practice, practice, practice. Fashionweeks are fast-paced, high-energy environments where you have to work swiftly and under high pressure.

Beaufille-Fall-Winter-2016-HidekNYFW Backstage at Beaufille FW 2016 – Makeup by Maybelline. Hair by Rodney Cutler for Redken and Cutler Salon – image via stranded

2: Always bring your A-game.

At fashionweeks, you’ll work with the best of the best. They’re top professionals. This means they’re reliable, on time (or early), work like crazy (and under crazy circumstances), and they’ll expect you to do the same. There are many hair & makeup artists dreaming of working at a fashionweek. If you’re not bringing your A-game, they’ll quickly find someone else who will.

NicholasK021116LorenzoHolder11NYFW backstage, Nicholas K FW 2016 -Makeup by Sarah Lucero for Stila Cosmetics – image by stranded

3: Be a team player.

Things get crazy backstage and you have to do anything to get your job done. There’s no room for a big ego or special requests. It’s not about you – it’s about results, following the creative brief, and getting things done. You’ll work in a big team, have to follow directions, with a can-do attitude, lots of flexibility, and at great speed.

4: Get a thick skin.

Fashionweeks are highly stressful environments and you’ll come across some characters. Things may get loud, chaotic and crazy. Nothing is personal, it’s just part of the adventure of working at fashionweek. You need to be ready to buckle down, ignore the craziness and do your job, as best and as fast as you can.

5: Talk to a pro!

Talk to someone who has worked there. Or, even better: work with them and learn from them!

If you’re in Switzerland, you could book a hair appointment with Bjoern Von Rotz to get a few minutes with him and pick his brain:

Bjoern von Rotz von der Hair & Makeup Artist Schule The Circus Zuerich lena hoschek show , fashionweek 2012Bjoern von Rotz of the Hair & Makeup Artist School The Circus Zuerich, Lena Hoschek Show, Fashionweek 2012

He regularly works at Fashionweeks and has an impressive international hair and makeup stylist experience from working at runway shows, editorial shoots, tv shows, being a teacher at Wella seminars, his own hair atelier and his international hair and makeup academy THE CIRCUS, Zurich. He will have priceless tips for you on how you can start or boost your international career in this field!

If you’re serious about amping up your game as hair and makeup artist and starting an international career, consider going to a professional hair and makeup school who has teachers with international runway experience. The hair and makeup school THE CIRCUS in Zurich, Switzerland, is such a school – but pick one that is close to where you live (or where you can afford to travel to), and one that suits you best! This way, you’ll get exactly the savvy and skills you need to get hair and makeup artist gigs at international fashionweeks!

Good luck!

Striking Fashion Inspired Illustrations by Nikoloz Bionika

We know, New York just went over the runways, and as always there was so much inspiration just waiting to be blogged about… But! We have something from another corner of the world for you today, and no less striking:

A stunning series from Georgian illustrator and artist Nikoloz Bionika!

illustration-nikoloz-bionika-02a-667x1000 illustration-nikoloz-bionika-04-695x1000 illustration-nikoloz-bionika-05-695x1000 illustration-nikoloz-bionika-06-763x1000 illustration-nikoloz-bionika-07a-763x1000 illustration-nikoloz-bionika-08a-751x1000 illustration-nikoloz-bionika-09a-667x1000 illustration-nikoloz-bionika-11-763x1000

Aren’t these just eerily fascinating?

Wishing you all an inspired weekend!

PS in case you missed it earlier – the next masterclass at the Hair & Makeup Academy the circus Zurich starts in May! More here

Bursts of Color: Eye Candy Beauty Shoot by Justin Borbely

When art meets fashion collaborations, beautiful things are bound to happen. Check out this stunning beauty shoot by Justin Borbely! If you’re not sure whether to frame and hang these pieces or to use them as inspiration for your next hair and make-up gig, we don’t blame you.


Justin Borbely wrap it up CMB005-1012x1350

Justin Borbely wrap it up CMB001-1012x759

Justin Borbely wrap it up CMB006-1012x1350

Justin Borbely wrap it up CMB002-1012x1350

Justin Borbely wrap it up CMB008-1012x759

Justin Borbely wrap it up CMB003-1012x1350

Justin Borbely wrap it up CMB004-1012x759

If you’re tickled pink now to boost your own career as hair and make-up artist, hop over to our hair and make-up school the circus Switzerland – next classes start in May!

Collaboration: Justin Borbely (photography) | Brylie Fowler (creative direction)| Carolina Dali (beauty direction) | Felix Fischer (hair)| and Isadora Rios (nails) | Niki Trefilova & Lisa Verberght (models) | Dune Studios | all photos courtesy of

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