How to become an international fashion hair and makeup artist

If you’re dreaming of becoming an internationally sought-after fashion make-up artist, there are many ways into the industry. Professionals often first work in other creative fields before zooming in to make-up for the fashion industry. For instance the international hair and makeup school the circus, Zurich, Switzerland, specifically states that they accept applicants into their program from various creative fields, whether it’s architecture, design, fashion, photography or otherwise.

Why? Because having a varied creative background can really help hair and make-up artists to realize a creative vision – they’ll be able to think outside of the box and see different artistic possibilities. This is especially useful in fashion, where creativity and design sensibility plays such a huge part!

Here’s an example for a very creative photoshoot, where the fashion alone was a fusion of different creative visions – and as in every fashion shoot, the hair and make-up artists had to work closely with the creative team to create a unified result:






CREDITS: Design: Lena Anders & Judith Pollmann | Metal Headpieces: Anja Metzger & Mia Maichen | Photography Assistance: Yannick Schütte | Makeup & Hair: Christian Olivier Merz, BIGOUDI | Models: Pia Sophie, PMA & Zacharie, Core | Spotted via designlovr

Teen Vogue also recently published an interesting article where top name make-up artists share inspirations on how to become an internationally successful make-up artist.

As with any big goal, you need to have passion to succeed. There’s no ONE way – follow your passion, put in lots of hard work, and eventually, you’ll make it! Good luck!

Mad Men final season starts in USA

Mad Men enthusiasts in the USA jumped for joy last weekend (albeit with a heavy heart): the last season of the cult show just started airing last weekend. Only in the USA so far – Germany and Switzerland will have to wait until later this year… boo!

As expected, the styling of the show is again impeccable, it feels like traveling back in time – this time to the sixties! We’ve got first glimpses for you all, straight from the U.S., because well, we just can’t help teasing you, ha! No worries, if you’re in Europe, you’ll get your Mad Men fix this summer too!

The epic show has been pure eye candy not just for series enthusiasts but for anyone in the fashion industry and creative fields. In New York, the museum of the modern image is currently showing a glimpse into the creative process behind Mad Men. So if you’re in NYC, go check it out:

Mad_men_exhibition_installation_view_web-detail-mainMad Men exhibition, March 14 – June 14 at the Museum of the Moving Image, NYC – more info here

150402183638-mad-men-end-of-era-780x439Image via   pDFR0.So.156Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) in a still of Mad Men Season 7 – image via news observer

We’re curious if the iconic series will influence styling, fashion and street style again this year. We wouldn’t mind seeing more of this styling inspiration, how about you?

Hair & Makeup Academy “THE CIRCUS” masterclass portfolio

If you’re an aspiring hair stylist and/or makeup artist, we’ve got exciting photo shoot glimpses for you today: The makeup academy the circus Zurich, Switzerland just revealed final exam photos of the recent master class:

10653517_353047941556139_1157511455444786588_nmaster class student work from the international fashion academy the circus, Zurich

Pondering on how to become an international makeup artist? If you’re dreaming of working for top fashion weeks, fashion shoots and editorials, you need a school with international teachers with experience straight from the runway. You need more than trends and technique: you need industry insiders who teach what it takes to make it!

11081282_353047978222802_6658609243735771136_nfinal exam student work from the international fashion academy the circus, Zurich

The hair and make-up school the circus is one of the schools in Europe who offers just that: the teachers there are a hand-picked bunch of international caliber, with professional runway and editorial experience.

10250176_353048061556127_9195715669317329921_nfinal exam student photo shoot from the fashion academy the circus, Zurich

The hair and make-up master class at the circus is a challenging program, but the school welcomes creatives from all fields. You can be architect, artist, designer or stylist… All you need is a dream, passion, and the ambition to make it happen!


Make-up & Hair: THE MAKE-UP & HAIR CIRCUS | Photo: Corina Hahn

If you’re eager to make 2015 a big year for yourself and are ready to make your dream come true – take charge of your future and take the first step now! The next hair stylist and make up master class at makeup and hair academy the circus starts this May.

Art, Fashion & Culture spot in Paris: Carreau du Temple

If you’re a fashion designer, you may have this spot in your calendar already: On April 7 and 8, the French fashion fair “Made in France” will reveal the best of French fashion manufacturing resources at Le Carreau du Temple, Paris. While the “Made in France” exhibition is only for professional visitors, the venue itself is worth a visit for other creatives too. So, whether you’re a hair stylist, make-up artist, or just in love with fashion, culture & the arts, check it out! There are always intriguing exhibitions that are open to the public:


…lots of theater programs and festivals:


and if you like to jump in and participate,

choose from sports classes or art, culture, and dance classes such as these:


Craving a little fresh air and some fresh inspiration?

Then off to Paris and to the Carreau du Temple!

What are you waiting for?

Showing in London: Russian Avant Garde Theatre designs

The Victoria and Albert Museum London has a note-worthy exhibition running at the moment, showing glimpses into a unique design field of the early 20th century: Russian Avant Garde theatrical productions and costume design. In the exhibition: 150 radical set and costume designs, created between 1913-1933. If you’ve got a trip to London planned soon, this will be worth a visit to refuel your mind with design, art and cultural inspiration!

0ccc97d153ff82e53877c216fdd245feVarvara Stepanova: Costume design for Tarelkin for The Death of Tarelkin produced at at the Meierkhold Theatre, Moscow, 1922.

9f44964e537c574685040d6733fe8687Alexander Rodchenko: Costume design for the Chansonette for We (unrealised), 1919.

c3ada36768c4bcfd35c1fc16ab83985bKonstantin Vialov: Costume Design for Stenka Razin produced at the Theatre of Revolution, Moscow, 1924.

Alex Khvostenko-Khvostov: Set design for Mystery-Bouffe: A Heroic, Epic and Satirical Depiction of Our Epoch produced at the Heroic Theatre, Kharkov, 1921.

53b43a9eb2ac72fb7ee225f8fce9883aLiubov Popova: Set Model (1967 reconstruction) for The Magnanimous Cuckold produced at the Meierkhold Theatre, Moscow, 1922.

All images are from the V&A museum’s pinterest page. The exhibition is open until March 15 2015.
Learn more here!

Creative fashion shoot inspiration – powdery winds

One of the reasons we love fashion photo shoots is for their creativity (which of course often inspires our students at the hair- and make-up academy the circus!). Virtually anything can be a muse for a shoot concept: The make-up artists, stylists, photographer and the other contributors often get ample opportunity to express their artistic talent when realizing a shoot’s creative vision. Here’s a unique example that really stood out to us for its unusual artistic concept. Photographer Oliver Oettli from Berne, Switzerland played with powder and wind!

0c2f954129379998ef2f7af8309d4b29 01fe901c8fcf127e68591baea216475a 1913f2b45117210c317c52c54bf40c95 2154158c19d5ea9922de88f820067c68 acb3b264af5c09a24ceb1ec0dab0c516 c6cc64f402c0353eb55ecc431ff7508c ddface325da45feaaf577014b08cc41e

Oliver Oettli created a unique almost surreal mood with intriguing elegance and beautiful harmony in fashion and style. Very nice juxtaposition of colors and beautiful contrast of bold and subtle, wild and smooth…  We love both the inspiration and the result of this shoot! How about you? What muse or inspirations would you love to work with in a fashion shoot project?

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