Backstage at Michalsky Style Nite Fashion Week Berlin

Bjoern von Rotz, hair-stylist and make-up artist at the room of design and founder of hair and make-up academy the circus Zurich, Switzerland, participated in the Berlin Fashion Week last weekend. A few hair-styling glimpses from the Wella team, backstage of the Michalsky Stylenite SS 2015:

Michalsky Stylenite Wella - Bjoern von Rotz backstageBjoern von Rotz, laying last finishing hair styling touches on a model

Michalsky Stylenite Wella - backstageanother glimpse from backstage – this one is from Jacky, fashion blogger from Berlin at

Michalsky Stylenite Wella - backstageJacky also captured this making-of glimpse of one of the up-dos!

Michalsky Stylenite Wella - Bjoern von Rotz backstageAnd these were the models, ready for the Michalsky runway!

Michalsky’s runway theme was “Important Secrets”, and according to fashion blogger Jacky, the inspiration for the hair styling was a mix of retro and avant-garde.  More about the event here on and on the Berlin fashion blog whaelse.

We totally dig these up-dos! How about you? If you live in Zurich, pop in at the room of design to get your own runway ready look!

Hunger Games fashion launches on net a porter

Fashion hypes inspired by Hollywood aren’t new. Among the last very notable ones were certainly Mad Men’s vintage looks and Great Gatsby’s Jazz Age glamour. Have you ever spotted film fashion though, which actually bridged from fiction to reality?

The movie “The Hunger Games” caught theatres by storm with its first release in 2012 and the 2013 sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It mesmerized the world not only by its gripping storyline but also with its futuristic and fashion-forward costume design and styling:

hungergames_fashion_mcqueenTop: Trish Summerville dressing Katniss image via nytimes
middle and bottom: Alexander McQueen dressing Effie Trinket image via style mtv

The Hunger Game movies are filled with costumes and accessories by notable designers and have been inspiring fashion designers and enthusiasts to most unique creations, photoshoots and costume parties. We already saw this happening in context with the Mad Men series and The Great Gatsby movie. This time, things went a step further: the entertainment company Lionsgate initiated, in addition to their official movie site, a promotional website that looks like a fashion and lifestyle magazine, fresh from the movie’s fashion metropolis!

They called it CAPITOL COUTURE:


Additionally, one of the movie’s costume designers, Trish Summerville, is about to launch a movie-inspired fashion line called CAPITOL COUTURE on net-a-porter:

Trish Summerville's Capitol Couture fashion line on net a porter

Isn’t it quite intriguing and clever how the movie company transports and monetizes its visual treasures from fiction and screens to real life and runways? This November, the last part of the trilogy will hit the theatres (first part in November 2014 and the second half in November 2015). We’re looking much forward to seeing the release and all the fashion inspirations within and around it! How about you?


Josephine Baker – an icon beyond just style

We all know about Jazz Age icon Josephine Baker, and most likely you’ll think of her for her famous dancing. She truly was a sensation of her time and beyond! Did you know that she was also an inspiring woman off stage? According to her official bio, she supported the French résistance in world war II, relaying secret messages on her song sheets. In the USA, she moved on to fight another war, the one of racial equality, where she used her fame to actively promote racial integration. She didn’t have it easy – it was not until later in her life that she was officially accepted by theatres and the audience alike, to perform on US soil. Her story is quite gripping, read it in full here on her official website!

Apart from her admirable heroism, we love her style and fashion bravery. She was truly beyond her time!


josephinebaker_on_modelsmuses2.com_1Josephine Baker, Jazz Age dance sensation and style icon. Photos via chelseadeluca, the fabulous times, huffington post and pinterest

Doesn’t her story and style also inspire you to be brave?

Have a great week everyone!

Fashion Show invitations – what’s your fave?

    Fashion show invitations may be one of the most creative and luxurious print items one could imagine.
    If we leave wedding invitations from sheiks and princes aside. A few of our favorites:

    dolce-gabbana-fw-2014-menswer-Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014 menswear – photo via swide.comdolce-gabbana-fw-2014-menswer--1Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014 menswear – photo via

    Versace fashion show invitationVersace SS 2014 menswear invitation – printed with silver on perspex –image via wallpaper

    Chanel Fashion Show invitation SS 2014Chanel SS 2014 invitation with a USB key – spotted on wallpaper

    lacroix-fashionshow-invite 2003Christian Lacroix invitation, July 2003 – spotted via pinterest

    louisvuittoninvite_2013Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 – playful and super minimalistic – image via LV instagram

    Dolce&Gabbana Fashion Show Fall Winter 2014-2015 Menswear InvitationDolce & Gabbana Fashion Show Fall Winter 2014-15 Menswear – image via Swide

    Aren’t they amazing?

    Which one is your favorite?

    SCENTURY – a step into the world of fragrances

    We just stumbled on a very interesting online space the other day. First, it lured us in with gorgeous imagery, then enraptured us with alluring language, then mesmerized us with stories of fame, beauty, and seduction… we’re speaking of a website called SCENTURY – a research platform for perfume culture. Fascinating, right?

    You’re welcomed with this beautiful, Art Deco inspired website design:

    screenshot of – a research platform for perfume culture

    On the site, you’ll be introduced to illustrious personalities and artists like Alexander Geist, seduced to explore topics like the world of vintage perfumes, invited to follow fashion designers like Isabel Underberg on blind perfume tasting experiences and more…

    SCENTURY was launched by 20FIRST, an award-winning branding and creative studio in Berlin. According to Helder Suffenplan, the initiator of SCENTURY and founder of 20FIRST, SCENTURY is “a research platform for perfume culture that strives to redefine the way we speak and think about fragrance.” Suffenplan has been fascinated by fragrance ever since he can remember. He created SCENTURY to share his passion with others. Successfully so! The site is truly intriguing and a treasure trove of inspiration for any creative at heart!

    If you have a moment to linger and ponder, visit SCENTURY and enjoy the journey!


    hair and makeup master classes starting in August in Zurich

    If you’ve been playing with the idea to jump into the fashion industry as hair or make-up artist (or both), now is the time! At the hm circus academy in Zurich Switzerland, a hair- and make-up artist fashion school on international level, new classes will start this August! To give you something to dream and swoon about and tease you while you’re thinking…  here’s a gorgeous beauty editorial from Australia that we all loved:

    Photography NURI GARRE | Styling MARINA CARRASCO | Make up & Hair UNICORN GIRLS – RAFIT NOY, AGOSTINA BENDA & SOFIA DAHLGREN @Mac & Moroccanoil | Model JESSICA @Blow | Magazine: PEARLS FOR THE SWINE | See more: HERE

    So! Are you ready to jump and follow your passion? Come check out the hm-circus hair and makeup artist academy Zurich, and apply for the August classes now! Spots are limited and bound to fill up soon!

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